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Main Entry: 1con
Pronunciation: 'kän
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): conned; con·ning
Etymology: Middle English connen to know, learn, study, alteration of cunnen to know, infinitive of can -- more at CAN
1 : to commit to memory
2 : to study or examine closely

Main Entry: 1conn
Variant(s): also con /'kän/
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): conned; con·ning
Etymology: alteration of cond, probably alteration of Middle English condien, conduen to conduct, from Anglo-French cunduire -- more at CONDUIT
: to conduct or direct the steering of (as a ship)

Main Entry: 3con
Function: adverb
Etymology: Middle English, short for contra
: on the negative side : in opposition <so much has been written pro and con>

Main Entry: 4con
Function: noun
1 : an argument or evidence in opposition
2 : the negative position or one holding it <an appraisal of the pros and cons>

Main Entry: 5con
Function: adjective
Etymology: by shortening
: CONFIDENCE <a con artist> <a con game>

Main Entry: 6con
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): conned; con·ning
1 : SWINDLE <accused of conning retirees out of their savings>

Main Entry: 7con
Function: noun
: something (as a ruse) used deceptively to gain another's confidence; also : a confidence game : SWINDLE

Main Entry: 8con
Function: noun
Etymology: by shortening

Main Entry: 9con
Function: noun
Etymology: short for consumption
slang : a destructive disease of the lungs; especially : TUBERCULOSIS

Main Entry: 10con
Function: abbreviation
1 [Latin conjunx] consort
2 consolidated
3 consul
4 continued