Byte My Protoplasm

I'm trying
to figure out what I hate so much about A-Life's presupposition of
vitality. I wouldn¹t mind ameliorating my predudice either... by opening up to the
programming language as more than parameters and iteration. But I love life
so much and find the anal syntax of C++ and Java to be anethema to the
visceral slime of cell division and germinal mixing. One thing that struck
me was the prospects of endosymbiosis and less cute viscerality if they were
applied to Second Life.

Endo-Symbiosis would be a question of scale and
permeability of avatars. Can one choose to be a spirochete (i.e. syphilis)
and live only inside other avatars. What about an Athlete¹s Foot fungus
avatar or a blood sucking leech avatar? Would a common cold express only
under an A-Life virtual microscope or could one¹s 'character' represent
merely as symptoms? Would this convince me that A-life is somehow more
visceral and less terminally cute? I think I left the 'upload your mind'
transhumanist ether loving crowd for Biology as flesh and blood... for a
reengaged way of living with wetness. I would join second life if I knew I
could ram my avatar halfway inside the body of another and stick-meld to
gabber on like a domesticated, middle class version of The Thing.. But I
don't know if stepping in (or becoming) the dogshit of second life will cure
me of my bias.

A-life is a stoopid example of liminal life. There are more
exiting versions of animism to glom to. Try watching the clouds, talking to
rocks or licking a doorknob. These are virtual relationships which hold
rich data that approximates face to face intimacy with out the dumbed down
moray patterns of genetic algorithms and silly texture wrapped wire frames
with a comparatively lame refresh rate.